Xiaomi Mi Mini Vacuum Cleaner officially went on sale in Turkey

Late in the day the vehicle is sold in Turkey through a name Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini, this time on sale with official guarantee.

Xiaomi Turkey last week Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini named compact rechargeable broom He hailed the model of the future of Turkey. The model was previously on sale in a major sales channel for 560 TL. However, this model was not officially guaranteed. The product is now available with official warranty was presented. If the official distributor guaranteed price of the mini vacuum cleaner 699 TL is located at the level. To remember in short, the product runs for 30 minutes with a fully charged battery as far as it is transferred, and is a good option for situations such as cleaning computer cases or sweeping the interior of the car. The vacuum power of the model is also at a very high level compared to its dimensions. What the product collects is collected at the top and can be easily emptied.

It may attract your attention

While the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini draws attention, the company also stands out on the phone side.

Company’s latest phone models had been brought to Turkey with the Min Min 10GB 10GB Pro. Xiaomi Mi 10T from the phones in his family Mi 10T The price for is for 6GB RAM + 128GB storage 4.999 TL, For 8 GB RAM + 128 GB storage 5.199 TL level. People who run out of stocks in a short time Mi 10T Pro on the other hand for 8 GB RAM + 128 GB storage 5.799 TL, For 8 GB RAM + 256 GB storage 5.999 TL must give.

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