Worrying figures for auto services from TOSEF

The automotive industry is among the branches that feel the pandemic the most with every branch. Automobile services are also greatly affected by the period we are in.

The coronavirus process, which affected the world, also negatively affected the automotive industry and after-sales services in 2020. TOSEF All Auto Services Federation, which made a comprehensive assessment of the past year, pointed out that the first quarter was similar to 2019, but the sector came to a halt in the second quarter due to intercity travel restrictions and curfews. As the used vehicle market became active as of June, auto services took a sigh of relief and increased their business volumes in the same period compared to the previous year. However, with the second wave, there was a radical decrease in service entries. Private auto services contracted by 30 percent in 2020, due to the 3-time increase in body paint, which is one of the most important input costs, and an average 35 percent increase in spare parts prices.

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Problems also occurred in the supply chain for auto services

While TOSEF explains that the biggest loss is experienced in employment and the workforce, it states that the 14-day quarantine of all personnel whose tests are positive, especially in private services, brought the already low circulation to a halt. In addition, it is said that productivity in the workforce decreases with the reduction of the monthly work schedule to an average of 14 days, while the disruptions in the supply chain cause late arrival of spare parts and consumables, resulting in late delivery of the vehicles to their owners.

TOSEF All Auto Services Federation President Ünal Ünaldı made statements about the process we are in; “We anticipate that auto services will start a recovery period as of June. However, for private services that do not have an average 2-year planned and efficient working program, 2021 will also be a difficult year in general. The priority issue that needs to be resolved immediately is the standardization of private auto services and their segmentation according to the standards that will emerge. As a result of this standardization and segmentation, the private auto services sector will gain an identity and will receive the share it deserves from the automotive sector due to the increase in service quality.

Our request is to carry out the necessary work on unregistered repair shops and to register these businesses. We, as the Federation of All Special Auto Services, are ready for all kinds of support in this regard. Another expectation is the urgent reorganization of the practice, which is called “turnkey” by insurance companies and causes the state to lose tax due to the non-invoiced transaction. ” gave place to his statements.

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