Wireless charging for laptops: Lenovo Go Wireless Charging Kit

Lenovo developed wireless charger for laptops. Lenovo Go Wireless Charging Kit instead of Qi charging technology Power by Contact utilizes technology.

The kit consists of a 3.2mm thick charging mat and a wireless charging receiver. The wireless charging receiver attaches to the bottom of laptops and connects to computers. USB-C connecting via. Windows and Mac The wireless charger, which is said to work in harmony with devices, can provide up to 65 watts of power to laptops. According to Lenovo, the system can wirelessly charge most 13- and 14-inch (non-touchscreen) laptops. Although we see wireless charging technology in smartphones, this technology is not preferred much in laptops. Dell about four years ago, the world’s first 2-in-1 with wireless charging support Latitude 7285He had put it up for sale. Although Intel was also working on wireless charging technology, the company did not release this technology.


How much is the Lenovo Go Wireless Charging Kit selling price?

Lenovo is preparing to launch its wireless charging kit in October. The price of the device abroad is approx. $ 140. It is not clear whether the device will be offered for sale in Turkey.

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