Why Some Planes Can Fly Upside Down

For airplanes, the sky is literally the limit. Planes can lift off vertically or from a ship, they can fly upside down, and spin in barrel rolls. But how are some planes able to fly upside down? Isn’t it the shape of the wings that make them fly? And what limits do they really have? Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or a nervous flyer, there are some cool flying facts that might just surprise you.

How does water landing work? Will we fly on electric airplanes soon? Why are pilots more worried about hot days than stormy ones? Why should you never use laser pointers around pilots and airplanes? By the way, it’s totally illegal and heavily punishable in some countries. And it’s really stupid. So never do that.

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Air France Concorde: By Aero, CC BY-SA 2.0
CC BY-SA 3.0
A flight data recorder and a cockpit voice recorder: By YSSYguy,
A-N400 (A-NSE company): By Hervemichel75,
Airlander 10: By Philbobagshot,
Boeing Fuel Cell Demonstrator: By Adambro,
MC15E Cri-Cri twin electric engine aircraft: Par Anubis2202,
A modern airship, Zeppelin NT D-LZZF in 2010: By AngMoKio,
CC BY-SA 4.0
Restored Vought V-173: By Eric Urban,
Solar Impulse 2: By Milko Vuille,
Concorde on display: By Wikicop33,
Animation is created by .

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