What If Earth Suddenly Grew 100 Times Bigger

What would happen if the Earth were 100 times bigger? Well, if you really want to know, I’ll share with you the story of the greatest disaster ever. The thing is that I was witness to that unprecedented event. So, it began as slight jolts from under the ground. Nobody really paid attention to them. People thought these were just minor earthquakes. In just a year, the jolts became much stronger and more frequent. In some areas, they turned into full-fledged earthquakes, doing a lot of damage to cities and villages.

Worse still, previously dormant volcanoes began waking up. All over the world, people started raising alarm. Scientists talked a lot about climate change and the impact of humankind, but it was obvious nobody really had any definitive answers. As months went by, earthquakes and volcano eruptions gradually grew in power and frequency. We stopped building big and sturdy apartment buildings, opting for lightweight 3D-printed houses. Neighbors were helping one another, and whole towns united their efforts to build strong communities and prepare for the worst together. And the worst came sooner than we expected…

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