Voting system tested by Twitter for answers

Character-limited platform of social media Twitterhas started a new test for iOS. There are direct answers behind it. taking.

Twittermade a splash when it started allowing people to change who can reply to a tweet they recently sent. This feature was working even after the tweet was posted.

In this way, you can update a tweet you have sent before so that only the people you follow will reply. Here “Only the people I mentioned can comment under this tweet.” option is also available.

Today, another innovation related to answers has come to the fore. The company is on the iOS side with certain people. started voting test. At the heart of this feature is people voting up or down replies to a tweet.

Reddit-inspired firm here so basically for answers don’t like and dislike also establishes the infrastructure. Twitter states that the feature is in the testing phase and the exit is not certain. In other words, if good feedback is not received from the tests, this feature may never enter our lives.


Twitter recently made the Fleets feature a thing of the past

Stories format Snapchat entered our lives with Facebook copied by Instagramwas included in.

Facebook’s later on, especially its main application. WhatsApp Stories infrastructure, which he even brought into it, also entered Twitter with Fleets.

But Twitter Fleets It was closed with an official statement made recently. Behind this is very little use of the feature.

So, would anyone be upset about the closure of Fleets? The answer to that is most likely no. Indeed, Fleets generally failed to attract attention in any market.

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