Visual Comparison of the First Crysis and Crysis Remastered

Launched 13 years ago, Crysis is back with high resolution textures and ray tracing technology. So what has changed in Crysis Remastered? We explained it with in-game screenshots.

The first game of the Crysis series still draws attention with its defiantly strong visuals over the years. That’s exactly why, when the Crysis Remastered was announced, the eyes of the whole world were suddenly On crytek translated. When this masterpiece, which came out in 2007, is beautified with today’s technology, the result of it has started to be wondered.

Introducing the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, the game did not have difficulty in receiving the praise in these areas. But at the very beginning For the PC platform How does Crysis Remastered look on the computer? Come all together Of Crysis Remastered Let’s reveal the most challenging points with the highest graphic comparison visuals we got from the old and new game.

The first of the images in the list below belongs to Crysis, the second to Crysis Remastered:

crysis remastered

crysis trees

crysis remastered trees

crysis forest

crysis remastered forest

Since Crysis is a game set on the island, the most striking detail when playing Crysis Remastered is the richness of the environmental visuals. Lots of greenery and trees to more natural colors meeting is a detail that deeply changes the atmosphere of the game. When ray tracing technology is added to an island illuminated by sunlight, the effect of strong lighting on the atmosphere is as clear as day.

The most important difference is visual richness:

crysis plants

crysis remastered plants

The other things that ray tracing adds to the new game are almost always noticeable. While looking at any place, we can easily see the shading differences between the two games and the different reactions of the objects to sunlight. Even when the grass is focused, it is formed by the sun beam hitting different points of the greenery looking in different directions. photo-like images possible to come across.

Ray tracing seems to have brought a lot to the game:

crysis island

crysis remastered island

When the richness of greenery is combined with the increasing distance of drawing, incredible landscape images emerge. The mountains hundreds of meters away are not just rocks, that you are decorated with trees Being able to notice contributes significantly to the experience offered by the previous game. The already powerful graphics look even more realistic this way.

Shading differences indoors:

crysis interior

crysis remastered interior

Another element that draws attention in images where trees are frequent is that the leaves begin to pixelate as they move away. greatly reduced to be. Thus, the edge distortions that reduce the strength of the atmosphere by preventing the beauty of quality textures, lighting and colors are beginning to be much less noticeable.

Textures are more realistic:

crysis tissues

crysis remastered textures

Another point that experienced the biggest change with Crysis Remastered is texture qualities. The texture quality is so striking at some moments that it seems possible to achieve photo quality with a few simple adjustments. This change, which causes huge differences especially in leaves and rocky areas, is as visible as ray tracing when examining the difference between the two games.

Underwater life more vivid:

crysis underwater

crysis remastered underwater

Here we come to the end of our content where we look at what Crysis Remastered has put on the 2007 model Crysis visually. Here you can find our detailed review of Crysis Remastered, which we have dealt extensively with. You can also share in the comments section whether you are satisfied with the change between the two games.

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