Turkey’s first 5G ready private wireless network from Arçelik

Arçelik to establish Turkey’s first private wireless network Nokia and Turkish telecom signed a strategic partnership agreement with

The 5G-ready Nokia and Türk Telekom private wireless network to be established within the scope of the cooperation will support Arçelik’s video-based production processes analysis, indoor positioning and AGV performance. Nokia and Türk Telekom will launch the first commercial private 4.9G/LTE network in Turkey. The industrial 5G ready private wireless network will be installed at Arçelik’s advanced technology washing machine production facility in Çayırova. Future-proof and ready for 5G, the Nokia network will accelerate Arçelik’s digital transformation and become a platform that will facilitate the implementation of Industry 4.0 usage scenarios.

Arçelik Deputy General Manager of Strategy and Digital Utku Peace Sunday“As Arçelik, we are committed to integrating new technologies into our business model. Thanks to this application, Arçelik is at the forefront of the digitalization of production. We are very pleased that Nokia and Türk Telekom are also involved in this cooperation. With the agreement we made, this network will provide widespread, reliable and low-latency coverage throughout the facility in order to increase the performance of automated guided vehicle (AGV) in the first place. We aim to increase AGV speed, control and operational efficiency with the use of AGVs throughout the production process within the scope of parts logistics. This network will also support our indoor positioning system with high accuracy, providing real-time asset location tracking. It will also increase factory security thanks to its new applications based on video analytics. Future use cases include augmented and virtual reality, digital twins, inventory control, security and facility management, quality-control, high-definition video for remote inspection, and facility-wide audio and video communications.”


Türk Telekom also made a statement regarding the agreement with Arçelik.

Türk Telekom Corporate Sales Assistant General Manager Mustafa Eser On the other hand, he said: “Türk Telekom’s role in the implementation of the first private wireless network in Turkey is an important milestone. Arçelik’s top competencies in digital production, Türk Telekom’s leadership in connectivity and network technologies, and Nokia’s international experience came together to form the new generation “Smart Factory” project. This project will be one of the indicators of Turkey’s digitalization in the field of industry; It will host the most advanced applications of Industry 4.0, bringing efficiency, flexibility, quality and productivity to high levels.”

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