Things are going well for the new MacBook Pro models with mini-LEDs

Two new from tech giant Apple before 2021 ends MacBook Pro model will come. These two models will almost certainly have mini-LED screens.

Apple recently announced new iPad Pro models. introduced. The 12.9 inch screen of these models was installed directly on the mini-LED screen.

More than 10,000 mini-LEDs are combined on this 12.9-inch screen, resulting in a normal 1,000-nits and 1,600-nits maximum brightness. Apple makes the following statement about the use of mini-LEDs:

“We covered the entire surface behind the screen with LEDs to achieve an extremely high brightness level.

We’ve used specially designed mini-LEDs that are 120 times smaller than the previous generation to fit in the incredibly slim chassis of the iPad Pro.

With the help of special optical films and diffusers that mix light more efficiently, we were able to fit this system into our design that is only 6.4 mm thin. “

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Mini-LED technology will also come to MacBook Pro models

The new generation expected to be available at the end of the year MacBook Pro models will be installed on 14 inch and 16 inch screens.

These screens will probably bring normal 1,000 nits and maximum brightness 1,600 nits with mini-LEDs.

In fact, TSMT, one of Apple’s key mini-LED suppliers, has overcome some production problems. This almost guarantees the use of mini-LEDs in the new models.

The 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models will also use a new design. In addition, the port options of the models will increase significantly.

With new laptops if the sources are right SD card slot and MagSafe system will come back. Models that will be equipped with more than one USB-C port also HDMI It can also be the port.

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