The highly anticipated Samsung AR glasses appeared

91mobilesAccording to the report, Samsung bought a skate for smart glasses. The patent application to the Korean Intellectual Property Office reveals that AR glasses will have a metal structure and a synthetic surface.

Although no specification is listed in the patent, we can state that the thickness of the frame is required. Thus, it is possible to say that some components of the device, including Wi-Fi parts, can be stored inside. While a processor can fit inside the frame, it seems more likely that most of the required processing was initially performed by a paired smartphone. There is talk that glasses could eventually become a standalone device. Let’s say that apart from the newly shared patent, Samsung has also applied for different patents. Last June, the company filed a patent application for its smart glasses with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Unfortunately, the details about smart glasses are limited to these for now. We will share with you when new developments about AR glasses come.

It may attract your attention

Apart from Samsung, Apple is also improving its smart glasses

It is stated that the glasses, currently called N301, were developed by a team of 1,000 engineers. According to the report, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook does not want to bring a technology that only includes virtual reality technology to users. It is stated that Jony Ive does not want the same opinion. It is mentioned that the headset, which contains less technology than it was originally designed, will still be an ambitious product. Apple has the possibility to surprise and introduce its first smart glasses later this year. The sale price of the glasses is not yet known.

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