The highly anticipated new season trailer of Leyla and Majnun is on the air.

A short while ago, we told you that the legend of Leyla and Majnun will be on the Exxen platform. we transferred. The trailer of the series that we have been waiting for has been released.The series, which was broadcast on TRT 1 screens for 3 seasons, quickly won the appreciation of most viewers. The series is expected to be released on the Exxen platform soon.

Ali Atay, Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Serkan Keskin, Osman Sonant, Cengiz Bozkurt and many other famous actors take part in the series, which continues to shoot at full speed. Deniz Işın, who is known for television series such as Sefirin Kızı and Innocence, will meet the audience with the character of Leyla.

Moderator Aslı Öymen’s “Are Leyla and Majnun really getting off, has it ceased to be a rumor?” Replying to the question a short time ago, Taylan said, “It is no longer a rumor. We spoke with Onur Ünlü two hours ago. He told me the date we would start shooting. If the same team had not come together, it was something that should not have been done. We do it because it comes. Otherwise, it is not a situation that will remove even one deficiency”.


When will the new episodes of Leyla ile Mecnun be released?

It is not yet known when the highly anticipated series will be released on the Exxen platform. We will continue to share new developments about the series with you.

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