The date of operation of the machines for AirPods 3 was also given

tech giant Apple, you know actively AirPods 3 It’s working on a wireless headset, and the model is going into production soon.

AirPods 3 wireless headphones of the model August It is reported that it will be officially put into mass production in May. Mark here, the product will definitely be launched at the iPhone 13 event in September.

Leaks of the new AirPods have been made many times before. The model almost certainly has a chamber similar to the AirPods Pro, but does not adopt the in-ear form.

The new headset, which is not expected to have ANC feature, seems to be prepared only in white for now. Apple still does not want to offer white non-white on the AirPods side. The company leaves different colors to Beats models.

We will learn more about it soon Apple AirPods 3, It is on the way as a wireless headset that will most likely be sold in the 1.200 – 1.300 TL band.


AirPods 3 are coming very soon. So what happened to AirPods Pro 2?

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo AirPods Pro 2, It will come exactly in 2022. The product will likely be available in the first quarter of 2022. Again, according to Kuo, wireless headphones “an innovative experience“will present.

AirPods Pro 2, 99 percent chance of Apple health measurement and The first wireless headset with built-in activity tracking it will be. There is no detailed information on these issues yet.

However, the new headset can record a lot of data without the need for any extra products. For example, heart rate can be measured continuously from the ear. This device can also record many sports data. AirPods Pro The new headset, which is expected to be in a similar form factor with the .

Note: Visual representation is possible however. The image shows the Chinese clone of AirPods 3.

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