The Clubhouse is now open to everyone; So is it too late now?

It has strayed far from its former popularity. Clubhouse The long awaited step has finally arrived. Even though it was too late, the platform was opened to everyone.

Initially only on the iOS side Clubhouse, You know, it has also entered the Android platform in the past months. In this way, the user base of the application has increased significantly.

However, despite the release of the Android version, the invitation system for the application continued. In other words, people were waiting for an invitation to enter the application and there was a serious queue in this regard. This situation has changed today and the application is open to everyone.

In this way, you will no longer need an invitation to enter the application. However, this was a long overdue move. Because the platform is no longer on the agenda of almost anyone. Removing the invitation seems unlikely to change that either.


The future looks dark for the Clubhouse

As we always say, giants such as Facebook, Microsoft, Spotify and Reddit, who saw this communication structure focused only on sound, copied Clubhouse immediately and started to work on copying it.

The Clubhouse was supposed to protect the area where it was gaining popularity, but this could not be done. The company, which makes the process material for content producers, does not create the impression that it will be kept in the market, however. Time will tell how this will develop, of course, but Clubhouse’s future already looks bleak.

In addition, Clubhouse brought The initial enthusiasm of the voice call infrastructure has also been lost.. The competitors’ new offerings also don’t seem to attract much attention. As we said above, it is no longer on anyone’s agenda. Clubhouse not included.

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