Strange 2 year old processor step for Samsung Galaxy A82 5G model

Samsung Galaxy A80 on your model Samsung Galaxy A82 is on the way. Here is a strange situation for this model.

Directly to your detailed review here we include Samsung Galaxy A80with rotating camera system 2019 Galaxy A tried to make a difference in the series, but as you remember, it was not very successful. There is no Galaxy A81 on top of this model. However sources Samsung Galaxy A82 conveys that his model is actively on the road. Last LetsGoDigitalThe phone, which came up with the concept visuals prepared by SamMobile, Snapdragon 855 taking from the processor. So full on the phone a two year old processor takes place. Even with this processor, who also entered Geekbench 5G the powered phone really surprises in this regard. This issue is expected to become clearer soon. Samsung Galaxy A82 There is not much detail about it, except that it uses Android 11 for now.

What technical specifications did the Galaxy A80 have before the Samsung Galaxy A82?

The device is quite large 6.7 inches without notches and holes. Super AMOLED The screen is placed. Galaxy A80 with 128GB internal storage, 3.700 mAh it is installed on the battery. This battery can be charged quickly with the 25W fast charging system. Out of the box Android Pie power to the emerging device Snapdragon 730 processor and 8 GB RAM giving.

It may attract your attention

Smartphone model is particularly interesting, bringing full screen experience with camera system stands out. The model has a single slide camera module that can rotate both front and back. In this module 48 megapixels + 8 megapixels + ToF sensor is included.

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