Sony Airpeak S1 drone officially introduced; Here is the price and details [izle]

Japanese tech giant Sony, finally stepping into a realm where it was late. Company Sony Airpeak S1 It is in front of us with the drone model.
Sony you know, although it has been waited for years drone had not entered the market. However, this situation changed at the beginning of last 2021 and the first Sony signed donut model was showcased.

If today Sony Airpeak S1 This drone was officially launched with all its details. As Sony’s surprise, the drone model, which focuses directly on its Alpha series cameras, is quite large and is based on four propellers.

According to the statement, the drone is fully compatible with Sony Alpha 9, 7S and 7R series models and FX3. At the same time, Sony Alpha 1 support is also actively given.

Thanks to its imposing structure and powerful engines Airpeak S1 tam 90 km/s It can accelerate to high speed and can continue to fly even in winds blowing at 72 km/h. Especially the wind performance of the drone looks very good.

Airpeak S1 It has multiple cameras. The purpose of these cameras is not to shoot video. Using these, the drone can scan its surroundings, identify objects and automatically prevent possible accidents.

in full charge 12 minutes able to stay in the air Sony Airpeak S1, It can reach 80 km / h in 3.5 seconds. So, we have a pretty series of options before us.


Sony Airpeak S1 drone model made a sound

landing gear collapsible Airpeak S1 drone modeliOf course it comes with a remote. There is no built-in display over this remote. Instead, devices such as iPad or iPhone can be used. For now, app support is only available for iOS and iPadOS.

The announced overseas sales price of Sony Airpeak S1 is 9 thousand dollars located at the level. The sale of the product for professionals, whose promotional video is above, will begin in the autumn months.

We expect this product to be officially sold in Turkey as well. However, there is no explanation for this for now.

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