Redmi K40 Gaming Edition disassembled in the official video [İzle]

Recently launched Redmi K40 Gaming Edition For this time, the expected dismantling video came. Here are the details;

To all technical details from here you can reach Redmi K40 Gaming Edition, It has become one of the most striking models of the last period.

The phone, which has a high price performance ratio, is the only product in the first sale in the Chinese market. 100 thousand pieces in 1 minute sold. The one that brought the model to the agenda now was the video you can watch above.

Continuing dismantling videos for high-end phones Xiaomi, this time K40 Gaming Edition reveals the hardware setup used in it.

In the Vido, all the parts coming together in the phone are shown one by one and the interior design layout is clearly explained. There is no big surprise in the model as expected.

Good repairability, that does not seem to strain people K40 Gaming EditionDespite its price, it creates the impression that will make a lot of noise in every market it enters with what it brings.

It may attract your attention

Redmi K40 Gaming Edition is likely to come to the Turkish market as POCO F3 GT

You remember last week in official data POCO F3 GT his name was found. According to the sources, this model K40 Gaming Edition exactly the same with.

Xiaomi’s new game phone to the Indian market POCO F3 GT It is reported that it will bring under the name. Let us convey that this name, the model, is also possible for Turkey.

As you know, POCO is officially located in Turkey and some Xiaomi / Redmi models come to the Turkish market under the name POCO with a name change.

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