Realme MagDart wireless charger showed itself

Entering the phone side with the iPhone 12 family MagSafe It’s called a competitor to the charging system. Realme MagDart before us.

officially registered in the past few days Realme MagDart, With the leak made, it was showcased as a thin wireless charger with a magnetic infrastructure.

Round body product that looks quite thin, Apple MagSafe It is shown as a rival, but it has not been fully filled yet. For such a structure, phones must also have strong magnets.

For now, a magnet containing magnets Realme There is no phone. It is thought that Realme may put magnets in its future phones in this regard and MagDart is a long-term option in this regard.

The product, which looks very thin in its round structure, comes in two different versions. What you see above MagDart, According to sources, it offers 15W fast charging.

The product listed below MagDart It is reported that he is on the way. What appears to be a tiny media PC at first glance is said to be a very powerful wireless charger.

It is not known how much wireless charging this second model offers yet, but judging by the structure, the power will be quite high. These products are expected to be launched together with the company’s first laptop and Android tablet models.


Realme MagDart system can be seen in many companies

Let’s reiterate that these chargers will not be exclusive to Realme. We say this because you know Realme directly BBK Electronics under its roof.

to the details here under this roof company that we place OPPO and recently directly OPPO with a sub-brand OnePlus is also included. In 2022 or at the end of 2021, these companies will also Apple MagSafe similar true wireless chargers may come.

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