Pro mode boost to telephoto camera on Samsung Galaxy phones

In the flagship smartphones that we have encountered so far, the Pro camera feature is offered to users in the main camera. Last shared information According to Samsung, it is preparing to change this understanding.

It has been revealed that Samsung, which has performed successfully in the telephoto cameras of its high-end phones it has released in recent years, has developed a camera mode for the telephoto camera. It is said that Samsung, which takes into account the demands from users, has developed the pro mode for the telephoto camera. It is stated that users can adjust settings such as ISO, exposure and white balance in the telephoto camera, as in the main camera. There is no need for new hardware to make such a feature available. It seems likely that the company will release this feature for the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in the new software update. It is possible to say that if such a feature is offered to users, more flexibility will be offered to users who take close-up shots.


Is the release date of the Pro mode, which is expected to be offered for the telephoto camera, certain?

It is also possible to say that users can take more successful photos, especially in Moon shots. Samsung is expected to get ahead of its competitors by making this feature available. We will see together in the coming days whether this feature will be available or not.

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