Price advantage manual version for 2021 Suzuki Swift Hybrid

The manual 2021 Suzuki Swift Hybrid, which will be added to the family as an affordable option, is under the limit of 200 thousand TL in price.

The fluctuation in the exchange rate in the last few months has also had a significant impact on the automobile market. Due to this effect, which still makes itself felt, we have begun to see examples of those exceeding the 50 percent SCT, even for many vehicles in the compact segment. We are also starting to see moves on the brand side to escape the high SCT rate, which suddenly has a radical effect on the lists. Suzuki is also preparing to combine the advantage of SCT with the manual transmission it will add to its Swift Hybrid product range. The manual 2021 Suzuki Swift Hybrid version, which was announced to start sales in Turkey in July, will be offered for sale at an advantageous price of 199,900 TL.

Highlights for the manual 2021 Suzuki Swift Hybrid

The 1.2-liter Dualjet unit is positioned in the engine compartment of the new version, which was opened for pre-order as of June. In this combination, where the 12V battery, which is the starting generator, forms the hybrid leg, a 5-stage manual transmission is included. While the 12V unit supports the Dualjet engine with its 50 Nm torque value, it is also among the nice details that it only adds 6.2 kilograms to the total weight of the vehicle. With all the parts coming together, the manual transmission Swift Hybrid, which sets off with 83 PS, can accelerate from 0 to 100 in 13.1 seconds. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 180 km/h, which is reflected in the technical table. Promising more than 20 percent fuel savings in urban use, the manual transmission Swift Hybrid also claims to be economical with a consumption value of 4.9-5.0 liters in mixed use.


Swift Hybrid with manual transmission with GL equipment level includes LCD road information display, Start-Stop system, automatic headlights, leather steering wheel, LED headlights and LED taillight group, electric side mirrors, 4 cup holders on the center console and piano black gear knob. internal hardware features. The Suzuki Swift Hybrid also draws attention with its safety functions and technological features. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) combines cruise control and radar to make driving smoother and more relaxing. The system uses radar to measure the distance to the vehicle in front and automatically adjusts its speed to keep its distance. Also in Swift Hybrid with manual transmission; There are safety equipment such as Radar Brake Support System (RBS), Tire Pressure Warning Sensor (TMPS), foldable pedal system and ISOFIX child seat fixing mechanism.


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