Peugeot motorcycle models and prices sold in Turkey

In Turkey Peugeot next to brand cars Peugeot motorcycle models are also sold. Here are the company’s options in Turkey;

Peugeot motorcycle models officially Peugeot Motorcycles It is also sold in Turkey under the same name. So which models are here?

When we look at the official site, we see five different categories. These Django, Kisbee, Metropolis, Tweet and Speedfight have names. These include one or more options.

Here Of course, the motorcycles you can reach are designed differently according to different needs. for example “With its modern lines, the new and retro Peugeot Django cannot be passed unnoticed on the street” mottolu Django model is a good option for short distances.

Kisbee for firm “Peugeot Kisbee 50cc engine; light, agile and wide … provides trouble-free transportation in all conditions. It offers low cost to both the driver and the environment.” makes the statement.

Tweet if for Compact and light structure, more comfort with adjustable shock absorbers!” it’s called. These two motorcycle models are also more Designed for everyday general use.

Metropolis most notable because the model three wheeler designed. The motorcycle therefore makes for a very balanced option. For this company “Peugeot Metropolis offers maximum comfort with stability, performance and practicality!” says.

It is reported that it offers maximum acceleration, excellent handling and driving dynamics together. Speedfight are among the notable options.


Peugeot motorcycle models are not electric

What about prices? of the firm from here starting in the official price list you can reach 19.900 TL level. This number Kisbee designated for. Django for start 29.500 TL level.

There is only one price for Metropolis, which seems to be 129 thousand TL. Tweet has a price tag of 36,900 TL. For now, the company’s official price list Speedfight not included.

These numbers June 10, 2021 Let me tell you, there are prices. As you know, prices are constantly updated.

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