Noteworthy details for the Facebook smart watch model came

Social media giant actively involved in the hardware market Facebook, has also been working on a smartwatch for a long time. There is new information from this model.

Facebook The signed smart watch appeared last year and was not on the agenda again. Today, new technical details have reintroduced this model.

The watch, which is still unknown how it will look, contains two cameras, according to the latest leak. It is reported that video calls can be made with the camera on the front of the watch.

As it is understood, the camera on the back can be separated from the body with the screen, and 1080P videos or photos can be recorded at the desired angle.

The watch, which will be able to quickly send the captured photos and videos to networks such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, will also have mobile connection support. In this way, the model will be an option independent of phones.

Directly Android operating system (watch special editionFacebook’s first smart watch, which is said to be built on ) will have multiple microphones and will also be able to measure heart rate.


Almost no one will want to buy the Facebook smartwatch model

The social media giant, which is reported to be in talks with different companies for smart watch accessories, does not seem to attract much attention with this model.

Because Facebook does not have a good track record on privacy / security. That’s why it seems a little difficult for a wearable with a camera and microphone to stand out.

The model will go on sale next year. $ 400 It is also among the information that it will come out at such a price.

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