New wireless charging technology considered strange by OPPO

China-based technology giant Xiaomi ve Motorola Then comes a true wireless charging technology by OPPO.

Wireless charging technology, as everyone knows, cannot offer the true wireless charging imagined. Because phones must be placed on a surface. This situation will come out of our lives in the future. Because the first step Xiaomi in the field of his side Motorola also takes an active part. One of the most innovative names in the market in the process OPPO and the firm developed “Wireless Air ChargingIt is preparing to introduce the true wireless charging technology named “MWC Shanghai. However, before this introduction, there was a 30-second short video for the technology that you can watch above. This video basically shows how the system works. Expanding phone model for demonstration here OPPO X 2021Using the company, the new system reveals that it can really offer wireless charging.

However, this system is different from the one developed by Xiaomi. make it mandatory to be kept above the specified surface looks like. So the freedom offered by Xiaomi is not offered here, which seems strange and meaningless for now. The purpose of such a system is also well understood. not. However, before judging the system, it is necessary to see the details.

Like OPPO, the Motorola signed system is not very useful compared to the Xiaomi signed one.

Motorola One Hyper named true wireless charging system, It can charge the phones placed in front of it really wirelessly up to a distance of 100 cm. The technology, which is much more limited than Xiaomi’s solution but much smaller than what Xiaomi has prepared, is still exciting for the future. As you can see in the video below, the main unit prepared by Xiaomi is incredibly large and does not look very suitable for the home user. Motorola signed main unit is designed seriously compact.

It may attract your attention

Time will tell when these new systems will enter our lives. However, it is among the rumors that a commercial product will not go on sale before 2022.

Video showing Xiaomi’s system:

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