New investment move focused on “solid state battery” by BMW and Ford

The two giants of the automobile market BMW and FordThey made a considerable investment in solid state batteries, which are in the future of electric cars.

Nowadays many electric car offers pretty good ranges. However, these numbers are still not perfect.

It is developing a battery technology that will make it perfect, especially to reduce charging times further. Behind it is exactly solid state batteries takes place.

In the future lithium-that on these batteries to replace the batteries BMW, Ford and Samsung such names are actively working.

This battery technology, which is safer than lithium-ion batteries and can store higher energy than existing solutions, can work longer and is more resistant to harsh conditions.

Passing as the future battery technology solid state batteryAs it can store more energy per unit area than lithium-ion batteries, it standardizes ranges such as 800 km.

Working in this technology Solid Power invested 130 million dollars in BMW and Ford it shows once again how serious they are in the process.

You know that both companies are currently selling completely. electric cars and they use lithium-ion batteries.

It may attract your attention

BMW and Ford attach great importance to R&D

In the meantime, it should be noted that neither of the two companies have invested in solid state batteries for the first time. Both giants sometimes transfer serious money to the field of this future.

Solid state batteries are still expensive to produce. However, with the investments made, it seems that this will change in the future soon. This, of course, makes you happy.

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