New feature from Netflix: “Fast Laughs”

One of the world’s largest video platforms NetflixiOS application abroad Fast Laughs announced that they added a feature named.

Netflix It came to the fore with the statement that we will not bring positional sound support to the latest AirPods Pro and AirPods Max models. With this topic iOS the platform that upset the users, now exclusive to the iOS side Fast Laughs made a sound with. The feature, which will also be released to Android in the future, is added as a new menu at the bottom of the iOS application and is currently available only in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Ireland. Company Fast Laughs in front of people in a vertical format, TikTok It produces such fast content. Here, the company, which shows entertaining short clips from its large comedy catalog, tries to increase the time people spend in the application and highlights the comedy contents.

It may attract your attention

A nice feature was recently introduced for Netflix

If you want the platform coming soon will automatically download content for you without asking you. The feature that will come to everyone in the coming period, when you open the settings, you can download the content you can love to the device with the algorithm created by looking at your previous views. will automatically download and ready to watch. Downloads only WiFi When connected, the application will use a maximum of 5 GB of space per profile. This area can be changed downwards. The feature that many people will enjoy seems to work well in surprise travel situations.

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