Netflix gaming service officially confirmed; here’s what you need to know

One of the world’s largest video platforms Netflix, is preparing to take big steps on the game side, and the first statement on this issue came.

You may remember, an important development came to the agenda last week that clarified Netflix’s interest in the game side, and the company’s Mike VerduIt was announced that he had incorporated . Reportedly, Mike Verdu is a veteran who previously worked at companies like Zynga and EA Mobile.

The rumors here were true, and the company officially confirmed its game work. According to this Real games are coming into Netflix. For now, the company will be presented directly in the main application. mobile games plans being transferred.

Of course, this seems quite logical, and it is among the information that the company will not ask for an extra fee for the games. In other words, all mobile games offered with a standard Netflix subscription will be able to be played.

Evaluating the game side like any other special content, and The company that wants to open a separate category for its future, does not give more information about the process for now. In other words, what kind of games will be on the platform, how many games will be in total, or when the games will be available is unknown. However, it seems likely that the first step in this regard will be taken in 2022.


Netflix can also establish a Sony partnership in the gaming market

For the gaming side of Netflix Sony and PlayStation It is also stated that he may have established a partnership in particular. As it turns out, Netflix’s iOS app includes some PlayStation-related icons and images.

Netflix, which is thought to have developed its game service with the code name “Shark”, has been developing its own service for its own service. Sony and PlayStation Partnering with it makes a lot of sense on paper.

It is known that Sony also prepares mobile versions of many of its big games. These games can be found directly in Netflix’s app, which can attract a lot of attention.

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