Mice started eating Tesla cars parked on the streets

American electric car manufacturer Teslafacing a rather interesting problem these days. The address of the problem is mice!

Tesla users in America are most likely experiencing an unprecedented problem these days. According to the latest news, rats are attacking Tesla brand cars parked on the streets. First of all, the number of drivers who are victims of this interesting news, which does not exceed the fingers of one hand, is increasing.

It is not known exactly why rats attack bumpers, insulation materials and cables of parked vehicles. However, a service representative at Tesla said:Many manufacturers, including Tesla, now use soy and soybean oil, which are much cheaper and environmentally friendly, as cable insulation materials. This type of insulation may attract rats.” made statements. While there is no explanation from the Tesla front on the subject, the videos of users whose vehicles were damaged by mice are breaking records on Youtube.


The company’s last vehicle on sale was the Tesla Model S Plaid.

Model S Plaid, It has a range of 627 km and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 1.99 seconds. Described for the vehicle Acceleration to 160 km / h is 4 seconds. located at the level. These values ​​are unbelievable for a four-seater sedan.

Model S Plaid, at first It can reach a speed of 321 km / h was launched. There was a step back in this regard last week. As far as it is reported, the vehicle will not reach this speed in the first stage.

Tesla for this speed special tires and rims are neededstates that they are not ready yet. It’s rumored that these will arrive in the fall. However, a speed of 321 km/h will be possible with these wheels and tires.

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