Ethereum makes its founder the world’s youngest crypto billionaire

Bitcoin a popular like crypto money unit ethereummade Vitalik Buterin the youngest crypto billionaire in the world with its increasing value.

Ethereum You know, it has caught a great increase momentum. As we always say, bitcoin is the most distant but close follower of the cryptocurrency. ethereumYesterday surpassed $ 3,000, reaching an all-time high appreciation.

If today $ 3,491 There has been as much ascent. The currency that has gained more than 10 percent in the last 24 hours is the lowest for the last 1 year. $ 180 was at the level.

Thanks to this increase, the 27-year-old who is one of the founders of ethereum Vitalik Buterin, Shortly before became the world’s youngest crypto billionaire.

Buterin, who has more than 333 thousand ethereum as reported, is currently among the happiest people in the world.

Total market value of Ethereum with the latest acceleration 400 billion dollars left behind. Current 1 ethereum almost 30 thousand TL does.

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Pointer for Ethereum and bitcoin lately looking up

Number one in the cryptocurrency world bitcoin is now 56 thousand dollars hovering over Bitcoin’s ceiling value reached so far is just over $ 64,000.

Cryptocurrencies have attracted incredible attention in Turkey recently. However, as everyone knows, there are not many positive news about the process in Turkey recently.

Paying / purchasing cryptocurrency in Turkey was banned last week. It is also known that other regulations are underway. In addition, studies are carried out on taxation.

Before stepping into the cryptocurrency world, let’s once again state that it is necessary to master the process very well. Please be very, very careful in this area like other investment tools.

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