Entry-level model to be added to the Jeep family begins to take shape

The new entry level of the Jeep family, with details such as infrastructure and production location, will be shaped on the dynamics developed by the PSA group.

Stellantis formation, created by FCA’s merger with PSA, is a springboard for some names. Following the messages for Alfa Romeo and Lancia, Jeep will find its place in this leap forward and focus on models that will increase the user base. The entry-level model, where developments on its possibilities have been on the agenda for a while, will be the brand’s key in accessibility. The latest developments for the crossover, which will be located under the Renegade, which currently plays this role, show that the production process can start in the last quarter of 2022. The infrastructure of the model will be based on PSA as we guessed.

The new name of the Jeep product range will also be available as fully electric.

It is seen that a name has not been determined for this model, which is focused on the details brought to the agenda by Automotive News Europe. The production process and infrastructure issue of the project, which is emphasized as “Project 516” within the brand, seems to have been decided. The model, which will be developed specifically for the European market, will be produced in facilities located in Poland, if there is no major change. The infrastructure of the model is entrusted to the PSA signed CMP (Common Modular Platform). We already know that the CMP has been implemented in accordance with the models in the focus of B segment HB, C segment compact Sedan and compact Crossover.

It may attract your attention

With this infrastructure, it is certain that the model to be added to Jeep’s product range will have a fully electric and hybrid combination. Along with pure electric models with batteries up to 50 kWh and an engine producing 136 horsepower, hybrid components at the center of the three-cylinder gasoline engine can be found in this model. As a matter of fact, there are details that the hybrid versions were taken to the production and sales focus in the first stage within the brand. 2023 is pointed out for the pure electric option. With this option, up to 100 kW of fast charging support, it will be possible to achieve 80 percent battery charge with 30 minutes of charging. In addition to its units, a rich model awaits us in terms of electronic support. Many active and passive safety elements such as adaptive cruise control, active lane tracking assistants, blind spot warning, traffic sign detection and post-collision braking will be on the list.

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