Disney enchanted fans with its new “lightsaber” [Video]

One of the biggest names in the entertainment world DisneyGave fans the good news of a great “lightsaber” as part of Star Wars day.

Many domestic and foreign “Lightsaber“So lightsaber has. Perhaps the most realistic of these, as it will come as no surprise Disney has signature.

Introduced today in the video above, the new option has been under development for a very long time. As you can see in the biggest different video of this lightsaber that it can really be opened.

In this respect, not much detail has been given for the sword, which is considered one of the most realistic. For example, we do not yet know if this Lightsaber will be sold or if it will be sold for how much.

Disney for now only your sword “Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser”Conveys that it is for the hotel. Your sword alive first Galactic Starcruiser It is stated that it can be seen in and for this 2022 date is given.

It may attract your attention

Disney showed a robot before the lightsaber

As we said before, Disney’s robotics studies are focused on developing robots to be used in the company’s own entertainment centers.

The company wants to include movie / animation characters in Disney Parks in the most realistic way possible. That’s why a robot was recently introduced.

The robot, whose promotional video can be watched below, can realistically walk in the Groot focus. The movements of the robot can be changed according to different characters as desired.

This Groot-looking robot, which has a thin cable for now, but is said to be unnecessary in the future, does not have any problems with balance on a flat surface.

The robot, which moves its arms and has gestures, seems to be liked by not only children but also adults in the company’s theme parks.

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