Dacia Duster project that will make you forget all you know

Developed by a team of experts based in Germany, the Dacia Duster project is based on the completely opposite dynamics of the vehicle’s birth philosophy.

Dacia Duster, which brought more success to its brand than expected, caught a graphic that went beyond the price / performance dynamics. The new generation of the model, in which the Romanian manufacturer also put the automatic transmission card into the game, is expected to be a new generation. With the introduction of the new generations of the Sandero and Logan family, Duster, whose eyes are turned, is at the center of a modification project that we have not seen before. In the project, whose details are shared by Germany-based Prior Design, we will witness the transformation of Duster into a performance car that pushes the limits of proximity to the ground rather than an off-road vehicle.

It may attract your attention

Highlights from the Dacia Duster project

Prior Design, which has carried out successful projects on the models of Hyundai, Ford, Toyota and many other brands in the past period, seems to make a name for itself in Duster. The fact that the vehicle is not just a digital work is undoubtedly among the details that will whet the enthusiasts’ appetite. In the project, we see that Duster’s driving dynamics such as suspension system, tire and wheel are directly changed. In addition to these, all body parts such as bumper, sill and diffuser are to be changed in a way that carries the appearance of the vehicle to a completely different point. The Duster project will be reflected in real life in the coming days.

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