Big name hired for Apple Car electric car

AppleToday, Apple Car is once again on the agenda with the subject of electric cars. This time, an important name has been included in the staff.

Apple Car The electric car model came to the fore with a negative situation last week. According to sources, at the beginning of the project more than one senior executive had left.

It was stated that the people who left Apple were very important names in their fields, and this seems bad for the company.

However, we have conveyed to you that Apple can fill the place of these people with the power in their hands. Here, the company started to take steps in this regard.

According to solid sources, the electric car company at BMW working on electric-based i3 and i8 car projects Canooone of the founders of Ulrich Kranznow on Apple Apple Car will work for the project.

This seems really, really important because Ulrich Kranz is an incredibly experienced electric car guy. Having worked in BMW for 30 years, Kranz is the head of the automobile project at Apple. Doug FieldsIt will be subordinate to.

Meanwhile, Apple is in talks with two different Chinese companies to supply batteries for its first electric car. These companies Catlus and WORLD it is reported.

It is among the information that these talks are at an early stage. But Apple already wants to secure battery supply for its first car model.


Apple Car electric car is far away

We probably have 2-3 more years ahead of us for this vehicle to come out. However, it is not easy to produce cars and Apple is in no hurry in this regard. There is no need for Apple to rush into this.

Apple’s rumors about electric cars have pushed China-based companies to show interest in this area. one of them Xiaomi. The company has officially started working on an electric vehicle.

Same way OPPO with Huawei are also actively working on this issue.

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