Bethesda Games Will Not Be Released For PlayStation

Xbox boss Phil Spencer said in a recent interview with Kotaku that new Bethesda games don’t need to debut for PlayStation. Microsoft, behind the Xbox, recently bought Bethesda’s parent company, ZeniMax Media, for a record price.

Owner of Xbox, one of the most popular game console brands in the world Microsoft, in a recent announcement, the popular game company Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax Media for $ 7.5 billion He announced that he had bought. After this agreement, it was said that the purchase would give Microsoft a great advantage in next generation console wars, and even Bethesda games would no longer be released for PlayStation consoles.

Now Xbox boss Phil Spencermade statements defiantly to PlayStation in a new interview. Following these statements, future Bethesda games Won’t exit for PlayStation looks like.

New Bethesda games will likely not be released for PlayStation:

In an interview with Stephen Totilo from Kotaku, Spencer told Microsoft’s The Elder Scrolls 6 If it does not sell on PlayStation consoles 7.5 billion dollars He was asked if it was possible to compensate for the Bethesda acquisition.

This question “Yes” Replied by Spencer, “Your deal to work for us I do not need to send these games to any platform other than the platforms we support. “ he continued. Saying that this deal was not made to take games away from another player base in this way, Spencer said they also wanted more people to be able to play.

Microsoft does not publish Bethesda games on PlayStation consoles from millions of dollars will have happened. However, Spencer’s statements to Kotaku show that the company is very comfortable in this regard.


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Bethesda’s game still in development The Elder Scrolls Of 6 release date unknown. The company, on the other hand, is the developer’s first original RPG in 25 years. Starfield stated that it would be released first. We will see whether this game will be released for PlayStation 5 in the coming days.

Source : xbox-boss-insists

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