Apple removes passwords from our lives with “Passkeys”

Technology giant Apple made another important announcement within the scope of WWDC21. The firm will offer a very useful password experience with Passkeys. Passwords / passwords have surrounded our lives. Almost everyone now has login credentials for at least 20+ accounts. We even have to use special applications for a long time to store them. This situation may disappear in the future. Because with Passkeys, Apple will replace passwords with Face ID facial recognition and Touch ID fingerprint recognition systems. The system will work like this. When subscribing to a site or application with Passkeys technology, you will only choose a username. As a password, a special password will be set for you and this password will be matched with your biometric Face ID or Touch ID data. You will then just type your username and log in to the system in seconds using Face ID or Touch ID. This looks really useful and eliminates the hassle of typing/remembering passwords. The whole process you can imagine […]

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