2021 Honda PCX 125 price and highlights

The 2021 Honda PCX 125, which will continue to be one of the most preferred in its class, has qualified innovations, especially the long-awaited ABS.

Honda’s first time offered for sale in 2010 and has since then left since, including Turkey into Europe the sales figures on the total of 140 thousand units in the market scooter segment, the representative PCX 125, starts off with the revamped version in 2021. Offering a very agile drive with its reliable, comfortable and compact dimensions, the new Honda PCX125 has achieved long-awaited features, especially ABS. The new PCX125, which will make a difference in its segment with its comfortable and supported seating position, large luggage concealed under the seat and advanced material quality, Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), Combined Brake System, Smart Switch Technology, CVT Transmission, Start & Stop System, LED technology front and It promises a high-level driving experience to its users with its features such as rear lights, renewed LCD instrument panel and USB Type-C Socket.

2021 Honda PCX 125 engine and equipment details

The water-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke SOHC Smart Power Plus (eSP +) machine ensures maximum speed during take-off and intermediate acceleration. Combining high traction power and low fuel consumption, the engine produces 9.2 kW of power at 8,750 rpm and 11.8 Nm of torque at 6500 rpm. Displaying an environmentally friendly structure with Euro 5 compatibility, the new Honda PCX125 exhibits long range performance with its 8.1-liter tank.

The new Honda PCX125 offers a safe stop by preventing skidding even in slippery road conditions with ABS developed to prevent the wheels from locking when sudden braking is applied. Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) continuously controls the traction of the rear wheel, preventing skidding by interfering with fuel injection if there is a difference with the front wheel. CVT transmission technology automatically adjusts the ideal gear ratio according to engine speed, speed and road conditions, and allows the driver to fully focus on the road while on the move. The Combined Brake System, which makes a significant contribution to the driving safety of the new PCX125, promises a safe and short stopping distance by transmitting the pressure to the other wheel when only one wheel is braked.

Thanks to the Smart Key technology developed by Honda engineers, even when the key is in the pocket, the motorcycle becomes ready to move when the “Start” button is pressed. Thus, the driver can start the road by turning the throttle. The Start & Stop System offered in the new PCX125 enables the engine to turn off automatically when the brake is pressed for 3 seconds and to restore the engine when the throttle is pressed again.

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2021 Honda PCX 125 lights also strengthened

Adding a dynamic look to the new PCX125, LED lights help safe travel by producing a high light even in harsh conditions such as fog. In addition, LED technology contributes to the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions thanks to its low energy consumption. The renewed LCD Display Panel allows easy tracking of information such as revolutions and speed needed while driving, while the USB Type-C socket with increased functionality allows smartphones to be charged faster. The new PCX 125, with 4 different color options as black, red, gray and white, 29 thousand 800 TL since FebruaryIt will be on sale with the price of.

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