11-minute relaxation video before Windows 11 [İzle]

Microsoft, You know, it will introduce the new Windows version (Windows 11) on June 24th. Here came a video in focus of this release.

Microsoft still new Windows version Windows 11 It doesn’t say it will. Although this is expected, no official statement has been made.

But the newly released Windows video definitively points to that. This video, which you can watch above, brings together the boot sounds of Windows operating systems.

Who prepared this video by seriously slowing down the opening sounds Microsoft, people with video wants to relax ahead of the new Windows. So why does this video point to Windows 11?

Because the video is 11 minutes in length. The company seems to have carefully chosen this as a clue. Now almost certainly new version Windows 11 bears its name.

As we always say, this seems quite logical. It would not be good to continue the Windows 10 name for a new generation of Windows anymore.


What will come with Windows 11?

As previously revealed, Microsoft will be the first to update the embedded market. The new Windows application market will open to many more people/companies and will become much more competitive, especially when it comes to gaming.

Microsoft is here Steam and Epic Games it wants to have a greater say in the face of it and reduces its share of sales. With the latest version, which Satya Nadella calls the biggest update in recent times The interface design will also be seriously renewed.

With the new generation version, the current design structure of Windows 10 will become more modern than ever before. In the new generation Windows, serious innovations in design are expected rather than new features.

By the way Microsoftwill bring the innovations prepared for the canceled 10X to Windows 11 in the future or with the main version. Thus, the work done for 10X will not be wasted.

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